Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This discussion is taking place in the real world

One of the web's most awkward articles.

I do not know why I choose to read articles like this, but I frequently do and they never cease to annoy me. Of course communication on the internet differs from direct face-to-face communication. In the same way that all written communication differs from verbal communication.

This article is not making a distinction between the internet world populated by the "people who don't sit in front of their computers tweeting about how "Eating pancakes makes me feel like death now that I'm 30 #notakidanymore"" and the "majority of society." It is highlighting the distinction between any communication in one context and communication in another context.

The most egregious part of the article for me is the finale. "The day that LOL becomes common parlance, my friends, will be the day that this whole internet Bard-penned comedy will become a complete and utter tragedy."

LOL IS common parlance. A very large subculture of the world uses it in conversation with regularity and it needs no explanation for the majority of people who are not part of the subculture. It has meaning just like any word in any language.