Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meet Our Newest Staff Members!

I don't want to say too much, but you might have noticed that the "contributors" section has two new names in it. It's true: I've invited two new individuals to join me in writing for "Stars Blink Out." The names listed there are not, as is no surprise, their real names, as I'm going to leave it to each of them to regulate how they are known on this blog. And no promises that both have things lined up to post in the nearly near future (one does, I think). But they are here to bring us some variety, a break from me, etcetera.

One is a guy that I've known for maybe a year and a half (feels like longer), and the other is a guy that I've known for my whole life (feels like longer), my brother. Each has their own outlook on the world and their own perceptions of what constitutes "relevance" in this rapidly changing world.

But enough with the boring stuff. Let me just say that I look forward to having them on board and to giving you the reader, and also me, more to read and more to think about.


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  1. I am really upset that you invited Jordan and not me. :(