Thursday, August 21, 2008

HP Ads: Celebrities and their Data

Over at Global Nerdy, a blog I do not follow (I found the link through BoingBoing), they've collected some great YouTube videos of celebrity endorsements for computers. Above is the Jerry Seinfeld clip from HP, which is pretty funny. The rest of the collected HP clips are at the bottom, and they stand out from most computer ads in that they show people interacting with data, not props. Usually, they don't even show the faces of the celebs, they just let the data about them speak to who they are. The photos, music and information of these people is presented in a literally hands-on fashion. It can be pretty fascinating to watch.

I could go on about identity thgouh data, the increasingly "personal" nature of computers, or even a personal favorite topic, information aesthetics, but I'll just let you watch and enjoy these clever ads.


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