Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" Better than LonelyGirl15

(Above: promo image for Dr. Horrible)

Ok. "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" is a super hero story. It's also a sort of drama-adventure. It's a love story. It's certainly a comedy. And it's generally pretty awesome.

And even while "Dr. Horrible" is pretty brilliant and genre-defying, it's also format-defying. It's a video diary, a weblog, a 3-episode internet television series, a movie, and a musical. It's available for paid download on iTunes. It's available streaming free from Hulu. It's coming out on an extras-laden DVD, including musical commentary. It's even going to be a soundtrack CD.

And all of this from master of teen sci-fi and fantasy Joss Whedon as a diversion during the writers' strike. Whedon and his pals (including Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion) had nothing to do during the strike, so they did this. It was released in three parts with 2-day intervals between each part, and now that it's done, it's modestly sweeping the entertainment world, online and off. "Dr. Horrible" was inexpensive to produce, it's high quality, and it has reached a wide audience over the internet alone. Not bad for people who were just out to make each other laugh at a stupid super villain story.

Something like this has to have an impact on how television is made and distributed, doesn't it?

Go watch the trailer at YouTube, then the whole thing at Hulu. You won't be disappointed; this internet-only series created by a group of friends is clearly leaps better than most television series created by leagues of professionals and executives. And stay tuned: I mentioned an upcoming DVD and CD, but there are also whispers about a possible Act 4...

NOTE: I also mentioned LonelyGirl15 in the title of this post, and since that prototypical blog-fiction series just came to an end, expect a post about it in the nearish future. Or maybe about blog-fiction in general...

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