Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fine, Then Jack Kerouac Isn't a Writer Either

(image source: the Sports Oasis)

The Bissinger vs. Deadspin adventure is basically over, and Deadspin has marked the occasion with a level-headed email exchange with Mr. Bissinger. This one is not nearly as interesting as the video I posted about a few weeks ago, because a) there is not nearly as much swearing and yelling, and b) the two parties have already made their positions clear. But, as I told my friend Hudi (thanks for the link again, by the by), the email exchange serves the important purpose of showing that, even without the histrionics, Mr. Bissinger is no less wrong.

Check it out here.

Also note, Mr. Bissinger says that what bloggers do "isn't writing. That is just vomiting on the page." But great classic writer Truman Capote once said that Jack Kerouac's writing style in "On The Road" was not writing, just typing. Kerouac is now considered by some to be as entrenched a classic writer as Capote...

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