Sunday, May 11, 2008


- andrew at "radio free tobias" did a sort of commentary on the Anonymous protests in columbus. go read it.

- i have entries brewing concerning a recent blogs-meet-old-media fiasco and a trademark disaster waiting to turn into a fiasco. stay tuned.

- i also wanted to do an overview of some of the movies i have seen recently. but i might not.

- i also wanted to write a little about daniel tammet, though i recognize that intrepid readers will not need to read a blog entry by me on the subject now that i have mentioned the guy's name (that's what google's for).

- i'm thinking of striking capitalization from my blog, as a statement on the entrenched conventions of old media and their possible irrelevance in a new-media world.

so stay tuned for better, more interesting updates as soon as i finish school and get my job sorted out.

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