Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quality in terms of Relevance

In my last entry I wrote:

"A note before we begin: 'Quality in terms of relevance,' as discussed in this entry, is not a full appraisal of the quality of some creative endeavor. I link “quality” with possible viewing audience in this article, but only for the purpose of simplifying the discussion. By my definition of “quality in terms of relevance,” a brilliant, touching video that can only draw an audience of ten people is of less “quality” than, say, Die Hard. I know, not true, but for this discussion, in a blog about relevance, this somewhat warped definition of quality is necessary.

Doesn't anyone take issue with this? I essentially claim that the argument that "Weekend at Bernies" is of higher quality than "Rear Window" is a valid one. No one wants to react to this in even a knee-jerk fashion? Highlight a flaw? Agree? Come on.

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